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Sea Of Thieves is inarguably one of the most fun pirate games available on Xbox consoles and PC, which is in part because of how much there is to do in the game. There are a plethora of voyages to complete, which help you level up factions and earn new rewards.

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The Order Of Souls is one of the most important factions in Sea Of Thieves because you need to reach level 50 in it to gain the Pirate Legend status, alongside some other tasks. There are many ways you can level up the Order Of Souls, but here are some of the best methods.

How To Level Up The Order Of Souls


You can level up the Order Of Souls faction using multiple methods; however, some ways are faster than others. It's also a good idea to prioritize the tasks you can reasonably complete. For example, it may be harder to complete a world event compared to a voyage when you're sailing by yourself.

To gain reputation with the Order Of Souls, you need to sell Order Of Souls merchandise to representatives at outposts. Each piece of treasure varies in how much gold and reputation you receive from selling it. Most of the items you can sell to get Order Of Souls reputation are skulls.


Before you jump into the action, you should activate an Order Of Souls emissary flag because it grants you more gold and reputation when you sell Order Of Souls merchandise. Whenever you have an emissary flag active, the other players on your server can see your ship on their map. You can activate an Order Of Souls emissary flag by voting for it at the table near the Order Of Souls representative at an outpost. You need permission from your teammates to activate the emissary flag.

Complete World Events

Sea Of Thieves features a giant uh... sea, and there are lots of world events throughout it that you can complete to get piles of treasure. There can only be one world event active at a time, so you need to complete it before another crew completes the challenge. World events vary in size and can even include entire forts of enemies that need to be defeated before claiming any treasure.

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​​​​​​One of the most common world events in Sea Of Thieves are Skeleton Forts. These forts appear throughout the sea, and you can find them by searching the sky for clouds in the shape of a skull. When you arrive at a Skeleton Fort, you have to defeat waves of skeletons to get a key that opens the treasure vault. There are also bosses you need to fight, and they usually spawn with a group of weaker skeletons.

The treasure you receive from Skeleton Forts includes items you can sell to the Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, and Merchant Alliance factions, so there's treasure regardless of which faction you want to level up. Since Skull Forts give you lots of loot, they're the best type of world event for gaining reputation in the three main factions.

Outside of Skull Forts, there are many other events to complete, including the Flameheart Fleet, the Ashen Winds, and Skeleton Ships. All of these world events give you various loot for completing them; however, they don't usually give you as much Order Of Souls treasure as Skulls Forts.


Flameheart Fleets require you to defeat a group of ghostly ships. These ships aren't like regular boats as you can only attack them with cannonballs. When you defeat a Flameheart Fleet, you receive treasure that floats in the water until you grab it. You can locate a Flameheart Fleet by travelling towards a flaming Pirate Captain's Head in the sky.

Ashen Winds are one of the most unique world events in Sea Of Thieves because the primary task you have to complete is defeating a single boss on a random Island. There are a few different bosses you can encounter at an Ashen Winds event; however, they each use similar physical attacks and can summon skeleton minions around them. Once you defeat an Ashen Winds boss, the treasure will scatter around the nearby area, and you can put it on your ship. Ashen Winds appear as a red tornado above an island.

Sea of Thieves ashen winds above an island

Skeleton Ships are a lot of fun to complete, and they're common throughout the Ocean. You can encounter single ships or fleets by travelling to boat-shaped clouds in the sky. Additionally, you can climb on the ship and fight the Skeletons in close combat, although it works better to sink their ship with cannonballs. Various pieces of treasure spawn on each Skeleton Ship, and the treasure will float in the water after you sink the ship.

Complete Voyages For The Order Of Souls Faction

Voyages for the Order Of Souls faction are one of the best ways to gain reputation because you can repeat them without running out and can choose which voyage you want to complete. Most Order Of Souls voyages take you to multiple islands to defeat groups of skeletons. When you defeat the skeletons, they drop skulls that you can sell to Order Of Souls representatives at any outpost. Completing voyages in the Devil's Roar grants higher-tier skulls. However, the Devil's Roar is more dangerous. You can get new voyages from an Order Of Souls representative at any outpost.

Rewards For Levelling Up The Order Of Souls


Each faction in Sea Of Thieves offers unique rewards. When you level up the Order Of Souls faction, you earn the opportunity to purchase new cosmetic items and voyages from Order Of Souls representatives at outposts. You can get better voyages the higher the level you become with the Order Of Souls faction.

You can also earn commendations for levelling up your Order Of Souls faction and completing challenges that relate to this group. After you reach level 50 in the Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, and Merchant Alliance factions, you'll become a Pirate Legend. Pirate Legend status is one of the most important things you can earn in Sea Of Thieves because it allows you to purchase Athena's Fortune voyages.

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