Considering the number of things that are currently wrong with New World, it's not surprising that its recent review rank on Steam has dropped to Mixed. The game has been having a rough time ever since its launch. Right from the lack of server space on day one, to the continuing server transfer saga, to the constant grind without reward, New World is not the utopia people hoped it would be.

While the All Reviews section is still Mostly positive, with 72 percent of 155,340 players liking the game, the Recent Reviews is quite the opposite - only 62 percent of the 28,744 reviews in the last 30 days are positive as of this writing. But if you were to scroll through the written reviews, it's going to be hard to find a thumbs-up icon.

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The top spot in the recent 'Most Helpful Reviews' section is quite a doozy. "I have 280+ hours in this game as of writing," wrote Mundangerous. "I started day 2 or 3, basically as soon as launch day queues settled. I play on Utensia, a good middle-pop server (~1,000 players peak, no queues) with all factions viable. I level capped, have a high gear score watermark, am officer of a PvP company that holds territory, and run all end-game content (war, invasions, raids, pvp arena.) I am at the end of the rainbow. There is no pot of gold. It's just a buggy mess, unfulfilled promises, and devs too busy working to implement server transfers to actually fix the game."


The developers have been transparent about these issues and how they aim to solve them, but unfortunately, more problems seem to be piling on with every new update.

Most recently, New World's Into the Void 1.1 update, which was supposed to "regain trust and rebuild excitement" only managed to do the opposite. The update brought along with it a whole lot of nerfs that the players were not warned of in advance.

Gear grinding techniques like the Myrkgard Elite runs have suddenly been made tougher and longer, and items already owned by players have also been re-ranked into something way less valuable after hours of grinding.

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