Halo Infinite’s first in-game event started on Tuesday, and it’s one of the most bizarre and baffling multiplayer events I’ve ever seen. Fracture: Tenrai is a three-week event spread over four months that rewards players with xp boosters, challenge swap tokens, and a samurai-themed armor core for completing unique challenges in the new, limited-time Fiesta game mode. The more time I spend completing challenges and exploring the details of the event, the more confused I get. I’m happy to see that the event is free and that the Yoroi armor core can be earned this week, but beyond that I just feel like the entire event is a huge missed opportunity to establish the pace and set expectations for the future of Halo Infinite.

This week is only the first week of the Fracture event, so players will only be able to earn seven of the event’s rewards 30 rewards. The event is scheduled to return one week each month for the next six months. With the first seven, you’ll be able to unlock a unique backdrop for your nameplate, two challenge swaps, two xp boosters, a rare nameplate, and the Yoroi legendary armor core. The rest of the rewards we’ll be able to unlock later are nine more xp boosters, four more challenge swaps, five armor pieces for the Yoroi core, three of the same emblem, and three weapon color palettes.

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Segmenting a single event over 76 days is obviously disappointing, but I’m more concerned about the limited number of armor pieces available for the Yoroi core. Halo’s customization system is overly complicated and weirdly limiting, but it does present an interesting opportunity for creative armor collection events like this one. I expected we’d be able to earn the barebones armor core at the beginning and then work through the event to collect all of the individual armor pieces that layer on top of it, but that isn’t exactly the case. The only armor pieces you can earn for the Yoroi are a left and right shoulder pad, the Yokai helmet (which I love), and helmet attachment that covers up all the cool parts of the Yokai helmet, and the Swordsman’s Belt. Armor cores have ten customization slots, not including emblems and effects, but we’re only going to earn five pieces for the Yoroi core.

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There are more Yoroi armor pieces available for purchase in the shop, but they’re all pieces that replace the ones you can earn. You can buy different shoulder pads, belts, and helmets for real money and just not use the ones you’ve earned. I don’t understand why the shop doesn’t have pieces for the other five slots that haven’t been filled. If you look at the shoulder options on the Yoroi you’ll see there’s yet another option piece labeled “Available in an upcoming event”, so we’re clearly not done with the Yoroi, even after Fracture ends in February.

The event challenges populate on the same list as your normal challenges and reward bonus xp towards your battle pass. Since they occupy the same space, it’s possible to complete an event challenge and fill it with a regular, non-event challenge. This means you’ll sometimes have a full stack of challenges that don’t contribute to your event progress, which is frustrating, to say the least. You’ll need to complete almost all of your weeklies just to get access to all seven event challenges, since challenge swaps will never swap a non-event challenge for an event challenge.

Event challenges must be completed in the new Fiesta game mode, which is the same as the regular quick play mode except it’s only Slayer and you spawn with a random weapon loadout. This is a chaotic arcade mode that might appeal to you if you’re looking for a Slayer-only playlist - as long as you don’t mind energy swords and gravity hammers around every corner. It’s disappointing to see that there haven’t been any new maps introduced for the event, however. We still have the same seven quickplay maps available in Fiesta, and that’s not enough.

As the first limited-time event in Halo Infinite, Fracture: Tenrai is a huge disappointment. The Yoroi armor core is great, and I love the idea of earning armor pieces throughout the event, but there are too few pieces to collect and it just doesn’t feel rewarding. I’ve never seen an event stretch across four months before, and I’m not sure this event deserves to hold my attention for three different weeks. It’s possible there’s more to Fracture that will be revealed in future parts of the event, but wouldn’t it be better to just have everything available now and work on it over three consecutive weeks? It feels like 343 Industries is stretching time because there isn’t enough content available. Fiesta is a decent game mode for an event, but it’s barely different from the regular playlist, and it doesn’t offer anything new.

Yoroi Armor in Halo Infinite

If this is what Halo Infinite events are going to be, I can’t see myself investing past the initial armor core reward. It’s nice to have a pile of xp boosters, but as long as battle pass progression is exclusively challenge-based, I consider xp boosters to be mostly useless. The emblems and nameplates are the typical filler rewards you’ll see in any game’s events, but the limited number of desirable unlocks makes me not want to even bother. It would be one thing if this was a single three-week event, but all the starts and stops are putting me off the whole thing. It’s early days for Halo Infinite - which is technically still in beta after all - but I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

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