In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, you're going to want to earn some big money and to do that you'll need to raise your gambling skills to play bigger tables and borrow more from the casino. There are multiple ways to increase CJ' gambling skills in the game; however, the go-to one is to spend as much money as you can. The more you spend, the higher your gambling skills get.

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Placing bets and winning casino games will gradually increase your gambling skills. New games and tables will be unlocked as your progress in the game and start winning more matches. Here are the best games you can participate in to earn money and improve CJ's gambling skills.


GTA San Andreas Blackjack increase gambling skills

Blackjack is by far the best game to place all your bets and quickly boost your gambling skills. Visit one of the Las Venturas casinos and play this casino classic. Keep your total card count as close to 21 as possible, but make sure not to go over. The sooner your skills improve, the quicker you will be given a chance to bet on higher-level gaming tables. Even if you don't know how to play BlackJack in real-life, repeat the trick that we have mentioned, and your gambling skills will climb in no time.


Roulette increase gambling skills in GTA San Andreas

Roulette is the second-best way to enhance your gambling skill in GTA: San Andreas. Head to a roulette table and choose the highest wager possible for your skill level. Place a bet of half of your money on red and the other half on black. This way you won’t lose your money. However, your skill will be increased as you spend the money. Rinse and repeat this method, and you’ll end up with a maximum gambling skill with the same amount of money in no time.


Slot Machines

GTA San Andreas Slot Machine increase gambling skills

Playing Slot machines is another excellent way to increase gambling skills in GTA: San Andreas. The price of the game on a particular machine may vary. However, in most cases, Slot machines provide players with various payouts ranging from small to large. The amount you win depends on the matching symbols you get on the machine, and most of the time, there will always at least a bit of a reward for you. So, if you have a little cash to spare, trying out the Slot Machines to increase gambling skills.

Video Poker

 GTA San Andreas Video Poker increase gambling skills

Video Poker is another fun-to-play game that follows standard poker rules, and winning it increases CJ’s gambling skills slightly in GTA: San Andreas. The game starts with giving you a set of five cards, which you can choose to keep for the second deal.

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Hold onto your cards or exchange them until you have the best ones. If your final set of five cards includes poker hands displayed on the screen, you win and receive the payout according to the scale displayed at the top.

Wheel Of Fortune

GTA San Andreas Wheel Of Fortune increase gambling skills

The Wheel of Fortune is a dumbed-down version of roulette, and it is a much easier game to place bets, win money, and improve CJ’s gambling skills. So, when you start playing Wheel of Fortune, place your bet on the dollar amount you think the wheel will land on. Then, the wheel will be spun, and if it stops at the point you placed your bet on, CJ will earn money and increase his gambling skills, albeit at a slower pace than the other games listed.

Activities and Mini-Games To Increase Gambling Skill

GTA San Andreas activities to increase gambling skill

It's not just the casino where you can find ways to increase gambling skills, there are also other activities in the open world that you can participate in, place bets, win money, and boost your gambling skills. Here are the two best activities to try in the open world if you want to make a quick bank and improve CJ’s gambling skills.

Lowrider Challenge

GTA San Andreas Lowrider Challenge increase gambling skills

The Lowrider Challenge is a side mission and is unlocked after completing the mission Cesar Vialpando. After completing this side-mission, you unlock the lowrider challenge.

The lowrider challenges or bets you participate in are basically like replaying the Cesar Vialpando mission. You need to push the directional keys and hop your car in the button prompt’s direction. Successfully completing all the button prompts and not missing them will allow you to win the lowrider challenge, earn the placed bet amount and increase CJ’s gambling skills.

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However, keep in mind that the difficulty of the lowrider challenge increases when you place a bigger bet. The challenge is relatively easy and farmable as well, so don't worry about it too much.


GTA San Andreas Pool increase gambling skills

Pool is another amazing way to earn some extra dollars in GTA: San Andreas and also to increase CJ’s gambling skills. There are different locations where you can find pool tables, but most of them are inside bars. Pool has standard rules. If you hit stripes into the pocket first, you’ll be attempting to get all of the striped balls throughout the game.

On the other hand, if you pocket a coloured ball then those balls are yours to hit only. You can challenge any person at a bar holding a pool cue near the pool table. If you win the game, you also earn the wagered amount and slightly increase CJ’s gambling skills.

What If You Run Out Of Money?

out of money GTA San Andreas

If your pockets have turned dry and you can no longer bet anything, then you can always borrow money from the casino while playing at the table. The amount you can borrow depends on your gambling skills; the higher the skill, the more money you get from the casino.

If you lose the lent money casino gave you, CJ will get a debt to pay in a numbered days. Failing to pay in time will have consequences such as answering the lender’s phone call and, eventually, being hunted by loan sharks.

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