Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a more grounded game than its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 3, in the sense that money doesn't come by quite so easily. This is especially important in the second half of the story, where you're going to need to be using money to buy properties.

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To help start the second half of the game with some extra money in your pocket, these tips will help you find ways to make a little more cash. Even when following these tips, you probably still won't have enough money to buy all the necessary property to unlock the final story arc, but it will definitely get you closer.

Vehicle Missions

kaufman cab vice city

Before anything, we recommend doing the vehicle missions early on as this means you don't have to drive all over the city, making it a little easier. In addition to the cash that, each service vehicle's missions grant a bonus of some sort upon completion.

Doing 100 taxi fares lets all taxis jump, whilst the paramedic missions give a permanent health boost. Not only that, but you'll also gain a more intimate understanding of the map, which helps in some of the more difficult objectives.


Collecting The Hidden Packages

vice city hidden package

Like Grand Theft Auto 3, there are 100 hidden packages scattered throughout Vice City. To get all of them, you need to have access to the second island and a helicopter. Every package you collect gets you a little cash and every ten grants an extra pickup at the Vercetti mansion.

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After collecting all 100, you receive a one hundred thousand dollar bonus, which is more than enough to buy several properties at once.

VC Endurance Race Mission

vice city racing

These missions aren't accessible until later in the game. First, you have to buy Sunshine Autos near the airport. Purchasing it unlocks a series of races. The last one can net you up to forty thousand dollars for doing it. It costs ten thousand to enter and the price is not refunded if you lose, but just save before trying it and then reload if you lose.

The race takes about 5 minutes to complete and can be redone infinitely. The main thing to remember is to focus on driving safely because the other cars end up crashing all over the place. It's better to bring a durable car with a solid average speed than a fast fragile car.

Save Before Each Mission and Reload If You Lose

Tommy driving a police car during a vigilante mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition

This one is not so much a get rich quick scheme as it is a way to make sure you hold on to your cash. In the original games if you died during a mission you would be sent back to a hospital. With this in mind, it benefits you to save before each mission and load the file if you die.

This way, you don't waste money rebuying the same weapons. In the Definitive Edition you thankfully can restart a mission after failure or death, but saving often still helps in case you die in between missions.

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