Forza Horizon 5 is a spectacular open-world racing game set in the lush and diverse landscape of Mexico. From beaches to deserts to mountains to jungles, the Mexico region that has been lovingly created for this game is downright stunning. While there are a multitude of races and events to take part in, sometimes it's nice to just take to the open road to unwind.

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Forza Horizon 5 features hundreds upon hundreds of roads to discover as you journey across the explorable Mexico region. It can often be staggering and overwhelming to open up the map to see just how many roads can be traversed. Of course, you can always opt to take it off-road should you wish. However, the following roads are some of the most picturesque in the game, and should you have the time, consider driving across them.

8 Sierra Verde Dam Road

sierra verde dam road in forza horizon 5

The Sierra Verde Dam road is located near your first major Horizon festival area. If you head south from the first Horizon festival near the large lake and river on the map, you will come across this small bridge taking you across.

Once you drive across this road, you are greeted by a gorgeous view of the dam on one side and a picturesque view of the arid beach area on the western side. It's a pretty easy road to miss but certainly worth the photos.


7 Mountain Orchard Road

mountain orchard road in forza horizon 5

If you head towards the southern part of the map you will start to enter a more lush, mountainous region with plenty of trees and farmland. As you start driving up one of the hills you will notice an orchard just upon the crest.

Continuing on this road leads you to a stunning orchard on the southern side of the road. It's hard to tell what type of trees they are but it's clear many delightful things are grown in this area of the map.

6 Volcano View Farm Dirt Road

farmland dirt road in forza horizon 5

The marketing lead-up to the release of Forza Horizon 5 showed off the volcano area in many of the trailers and gameplay slices. Interestingly, there is a fantastic, easy-to-miss dirt road leading through some farmland that gives you a great view of the volcano.

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This dirt road is towards the southern part of the map and is off of the main highway through the jungle region. If you turn onto this dirt road and pass a farm, you can stop your card to take a beautiful photo of the volcano and the landscape below.

5 Verdant Green Mountain Road

the verdant green mountain road in forza horizon 5

The drivable Mexico map provides so many little details to discover. You can probably drive on any road in the game and still manage to stumble across some nugget of beauty to snap a photo of in the excellent photo mode.

One of the lushest roads to drive on has to be the verdant green mountain road in the southeastern part of the map, near the densest jungle areas. This small bridge road gives you a taste of the large river with a gorgeous forest-filled mountain backdrop.

4 Playa Azul Beach Town Road

playa azul beach road in forza horizon 5

Nothing beats a wonderful beach town. Thank goodness Forza Horizon 5 offers plenty of them to explore and drive around. One of the very best roads in the game goes right through Playa Azul. Playa Azul is a laidback beachside town with palapas for days.

The main beach road takes you by houses, shops, restaurants, and plenty of great views of the ocean. If you find yourself on the Eastern part of the map then be sure to take a relaxing drive on this road.

3 The Cliffside Road

the cliffside road in forza horizon 5

As you drive north and out of the eastern beach areas you will come across a tantalizing cliffside road. This gorgeous open road effortlessly guides you along a cliffside that continues to rise as you drive past.

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This road can actually take you all along the northern part of the map, winding up and down, and eventually taking you towards the caldera road. If you are wanting a fantastic vista while you drive in the Mexico sunshine then definitely check out the cliffside road.

2 Oceanview Mountain Road

the oceanside cliff road in forza horizon 5

Way up north on the map you will find a peaceful road to spend the afternoon cruising around on. Do you crave views of the ocean as well as the farmland below? If so then the oceanview mountain road should be a stop on your Mexico road trip in Forza Horizon 5.

There is a staggering amount of diversity on this map and the fact that you can drive from an idyllic beach to a rough and rugged cliffside road is quite the feat. Come for the open road but stay for the wonderful views.

1 The Road Into Guanajuato

driving into guanajuato in forza horizon 5

One of the major cities on the Mexico map is Guanajuato. This stunning, colorful city is brimming with detail, stellar architecture, and plenty of city roads to enjoy. However, the best road in this vicinity is the main road leading into the city from the northern part of the map.

As you navigate your way into Guanajuato, you are greeted by some lively houses, a winding road leading to the city center, and plenty of greenery to keep you invested in nature. Definitely take the time to explore this city because it hides many secrets.

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