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If you’ve ever imagined Final Fantasy ever becoming a competitive online multiplayer experience, then you’re finally in luck. Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier adopts the battle royale format and pits 75 players against one another on a single massive map of Midgar. Players will drop in and search frantically for weapons and gear to be the last Soldier standing.

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Combat in Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier is broken down into two categories: physical and magic. For fans of the storied series, you’ll quickly understand the general basics of using Materia, which is the catalyst for how characters in Final Fantasy use magic. Magic attacks can be extremely powerful, but costly, and in a team mode, dangerous to your squadmates. This guide will break down everything you need to know on how to properly use magic in Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier.

Magic Points

ff7 first soldier blizzard

Magic has forever been a form of attacking in the Final Fantasy series. While the ways magic is used has differed in each respective game, what’s required to successfully cast magic hasn’t. In Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, you’ll need Magic Points to cast spells. Materia-usage is unlimited, though, so as long as you have enough MP then you’ll be fine.


The amount of MP you have will slowly increase throughout matches as you level up your character. MP will regenerate over time, but if you want to replenish lost MP faster then you can consume Ethers, similar to the original game. Ethers can be found in various chests, supply drops, death boxes, and vending machines.

Types Of Materia

ff7 first soldier fire

In Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, there are a total of 11 different Materia:

Fire Shoots a fireball forward, might be difficult to aim from a long distance but deals massive damage from close and medium-range.
Blizzard Conjures an ice structure that will fire ice projectiles at surrounding enemies.
Thunder Lighting bolts will strike a designated area repeatedly.
Cure Restores health.
Comet Summons several comets to rain down on a designated area, though there is a slight delay before impact.
Aero A gust of wind appears on the ground, which can allow you to fly into the sky.
Raise Revives fallen teammates.
Protect Provides a barrier to reduce incoming damage.
Blind Deploys fog that impacts immediate vision.
Gravity Produces a trap that will slow enemies down upon activation.
Bio Makes a poisonous pool that inflicts damage to enemies that affects them over time.

Each Materia can be upgraded, similar to the original game, for example, Fire will upgrade to Fira and Firaga. Materia is upgraded by collecting more of the same Materia. Soldiers can carry three different Materia at a time. Which Materia you decide to collect will depend on if you’re playing solo or with teammates. Regardless, though, you should always prioritize Cure because while potions can also heal you, you can only carry a limited amount. Cure has unlimited uses, as long as you have enough MP.

When using magic, checking your surroundings must be a top priority. Not only does Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier have friendly fire, but it also has self-fire as well. Using magic recklessly can inflict damage on your teammates or yourself.

Summon Materia

ifrit and shiva

Summons are an important aspect of battles in the Final Fantasy universe, so it’s natural to see their inclusion in Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. Unlike the wide selection of Materia, there are only two Summons available in the game:

Ifrit the giant fire demon, Ifrit performs Crimson Dive, dealing fire damage to enemies from above
Shiva the ice goddess, Shiva uses Diamond Dust, an attack that inflicts devastating ice damage to the surrounding area

Although summoning Ifrit is part of the initial training session, you can’t access the Summons during the training mode with other Soldiers, and there’s no indication that Ifrit or Shiva are obtainable in matches.

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