Dragon Ball: The Breakers is getting a beta weekend very soon. The strange Dead by Daylight and Dragon Ball mashup was announced last week as an asymmetrical multiplayer game where you either play as a survivor trying to run away from one of Dragon Ball's villains, or you play as a villain trying to kill every survivor.

There are still many questions on how that'll all work, but today's video answers a lot of them. The rest will be answered when the closed beta test begins on December 3 weekend. There are four time slots that run all weekend long, and you have until November 30 at 6:59 PST to sign up on the official The Breakers website.

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The video also shows more of Dragon Ball: The Breakers' mechanics. There are three Raiders and seven Survivors to choose from. All the survivors have Toriyama-style haircuts but aren't actually Dragon Ball characters aside from Bulma and Oolong. The three Raiders are Cell, Buu, and Frieza, although only Cell seems to be fully fleshed out as of now.

All Survivors want to escape a "temporal seam" that has trapped them in a specific area via one of two options. First, they can all escape at once via the Super Time Machine, but it's sort of a risky gamble. It requires the Survivors to activate and defend a central location, and the Raider can destroy the Super Time Machine relatively easily. To keep the activation timer as low as possible, the Survivors can find and insert five Power Keys at hidden locations around the map.


If the Super Time Machine is destroyed, the only other option is to use the regular Time Machine. Once found, the Time Machine pilot can try and find as many Survivors as possible so they can all escape together. If the Time Machine is destroyed, the Raider wins.

However, there are several things helping the Survivors beat back the Raider. Skills and items like a grappling hook and camouflage ability will help them sneak around the map, while bazookas, smoke screens, and shields will help defend the time machine. You can also collect Trans Sphere to change into an actual Dragon Ball character to fight back against the Raider for a limited time.

The Raider can't be killed even if you turn into Goku, but you can stun them in order for the Survivors to make their escape.

On the Raider side, they'll want to kill and consume both Survivors and NPC civilians in order to evolve, with Cell starting as a larva and eventually becoming a superpowered monster. Every time the Raider evolves, it'll unleash a powerful attack that removes a section of the map, forcing the Survivors into a smaller area and making them easier to find. The Raider also gains more powerful attacks as it evolves to make destroying Survivors and Time Machines easier.

And finally, it wouldn't be a Dragon Ball game without actual Dragon Balls. Either side can collect all seven Dragon Balls and summon Shinra for a powerful boon. On the Survivors' side, they can choose to either give everyone the ability to turn into a lesser Dragon Ball hero like Krillin or just let one of them turn into a powerful hero like Goku. If the Raider gets all seven, they can choose to either evolve or regain lost hit points.

Asymmetrical games are already notoriously difficult to balance, and Dragon Ball: The Breakers sounds like it has a lot of moving parts. Expect the beta test to be limited in content and mostly focused on getting all those moving parts working well together.

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