Issy van der Velde

Issy is an avid film lover, writer, and game-player based in the UK. He combines his love of film and games in his writing, trying to find as many connections between the two mediums as possible. When he's not writing, playing, or watching, Issy loves to DJ and look after his growing collection of houseplants, as they make him feel more adult.

Articles Published : 321

Latest from Issy van der Velde

Outriders: Devastator Best Build

The Devastator class is a tank unlike any other. Check out this build guide and find out how you can dominate using mods, skills, and tactics.

Outriders - Trickster

Outriders: Trickster Best Build

Square Enix and People Can Fly's Outriders features four classes, with Tricksters serving as rogues. Here is how to build the ultimate Trickster.

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